Enjoy a healthy snack without guilt with Pooja Mkhija healthy nachos recipe

Enjoy a healthy snack without guilt with Pooja Mkhija healthy nachos recipe

You don’t have to feel guilty for eating nachos too often when celebrity dietitian Pooja Miheja has a recipe. Continue reading to learn more.

We all know that snacking is a sin. Hunger strikes the moment the clock strikes four. We cannot help but crave unhealthy and fried foods, such as chips, crackers, and addictive ones Namkin. How can you beat cheesey nachos? There is no way anyone can eat one of these delicious foods. How can we eat too many of these foods and not feel guilty? They’re high in calories and are not good for our health.

We could tell you that there was a solution. Trust Pooja Mikheja, celebrity nutritionist, to be there for you in times of crisis. She shared this Instagram post on how to make healthy nachos, which we cannot wait to try! Are you ready for everything? We can’t wait! Let’s get started.

The Pooja caption says, “Balanced” A healthy snack that everyone can enjoy without feeling guilty. Rich in protein, rich in vitamins, rich in fats! Yemeni women. This proves that delicious food can be equally delicious.

Take a look at the post:

All you need is this:

Baked chips/crackers
kidney pills
Boiling corn
Avocado or cherry tomatoes
Chili and Coriander Flakes

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1. Add the chips or baked biscuits to a bowl. Healthy foods are always good!
2. To it, you can add boiled beans.
3. Next, add the boiled corn.
4. Add avocado and cherry tomatoes.
5. Spread the cheese over it and add a lot of sauce.
6. Mix it all up and get in the action!

The last word

It is easy to switch to healthier options. You can replace white foods with whole grains and protein. Don’t forget to include fats in your diet. It will change your metabolism, we promise. What are you waiting to do? These lifestyle changes will ensure that you don’t have to give up your favorite foods.



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