Health benefits of Zaghloul dates or red dates


In her latest Instagram post, Mira Rajput Kapoor talks about the health benefits of Zaghloul dates.

Mira Rajput Kapoor has a huge fan following on Instagram and often takes to her social media to share fitness and health tips with her followers. Recently, I dropped a post about zagloul dates and their health benefits. And after she posted a little video highlighting the various benefits of this fruit, she captioned it as “Zaghloul dates. I saw these on roadside carts and was curious! I’m sure you spotted them and wondered what they are! Full of seasonal health benefits and good for the gut.” Enjoy!”

Check out her post here:

Here are the health benefits of Zaghloul datesمور

Zaghloul dates are like giant red grapes and taste like a crisp apple. They often have dark red or burgundy skin, and crisp flesh. It tastes sweet, and one can also taste an astringent taste, notes of cinnamon and cane sugar. Mira, in her post, made her fans aware of the many health benefits of this fruit:

1. High amounts of B-complex vitamins

These dates contain large amounts of B-complex vitamins, a water-soluble nutrient that is essential for certain body functions, such as converting food into energy, and producing red blood cells. It also boosts immune function and maintains healthy bones and hair. Foods rich in B-complex vitamins are also beneficial for brain health and help reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

2. High amounts of Vitamin A and K

Mira mentioned in her post that Zaghloul dates are a rich source of vitamin A and K. Foods rich in vitamin A are essential for many processes in your body, such as maintaining healthy vision, boosting the immune system, and reducing the risk of acne and pimples. . It also promotes healthy bone growth and aids reproduction. On the other hand, vitamin K prevents blood clotting, aids bone metabolism, and promotes bone health.

Vitamins A and K present in Zaghloul dates promote overall health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. A good source of iron, phosphorous, potassium and antioxidants

This nutrient-rich fruit helps ensure an adequate intake of iron, potassium, phosphorous and antioxidants. These nutrients promote cell health, aid metabolism, promote bone growth and improve the immune system. This nutritious and delicious treat is also helpful in reducing risk factors for heart disease.

4. Helps to strengthen Ojas

Mira indicated that Zaghloul dates can help in gaining weight Ojas, a Sanskrit term meaning “activity”. Ojas It is essentially the energy of the body and mind and is known to strengthen muscles and tissues and improve endurance. It protects cell health and is therefore essential for all bodily functions, and mental well-being.

The post ended its quest for its fans and followers to get hold of this delicious fruit as soon as possible due to its seasonal availability.

So, ladies, eat these delicious dates and enjoy the amazing health benefits!

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